Stephen J. Molis, P.E., BSc. MSc Civil Engineering – Senior Consultant Project Manager

Stephen is employed as a Project Manager by Fern Engineering., Inc., and has extensive expertise in the design of gas turbine, steam turbine and generator rotor mechanical design and structural analysis, and the dynamic analysis of rotor/bearing systems and turbine blading. His expertise also extends to failure analysis of turbomachinery, pumps, generators, motors, mechanical equipment, mechanical systems and large structures including buildings and wooden structures. Stephen’s disciplines include fine element stress analysis, fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis of structural components. He is a developer of computer software for engineering analysis, and has designed testing apparatus and specified instrumentation and testing of mechanical structural systems. Stephen has a background in field and laboratory testing, analysis of data and diagnostics and correction of vibration problems in rotating machinery, buildings and structures, including the vibration monitoring and balancing of large rotor systems.

Stephen is a graduate, and served as a Research Assistant in the Civil Engineering Department, of the University of Rhode Island, where he was awarded BSc. and MSc (Civil Engineering) degrees.

Stephen is a member of a number of professional associations and was, among other posts, a Senior Engineer, Gas Turbine Rotor Mechanical Design, Thomassen U.S. Inc., Fern Engineering Division, a Project Engineer, Component Analysis and Testing, General Electric Corporation and a Structural Engineer, United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. He is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Phi Kappa Phi. Stephen holds two US patents on Reserve End Turn Generator Design, and has published a number of Technical Papers.