Cornell. Donald, BSc. Mechanical Engineering – Senior Vice President Engineering

Born in June 1929, Don has over 42 years experience in the installation, start-up, maintenance and training for power plant, particularly with regard to large commercial gas turbine facilities. He has installed and overhauled power plants in many parts of the world, provided expert power consulting services to large oil and chemical companies such as Amerada Hess, Dow Chemical and Esso Petroleum, and for three years operated a gas turbine plant in the United States, under the Rural Electrification Authority.

Don was appointed Owners Representative for the Najoya Power Plant project in the Dominican Republic, which IPG co-developed with RRPV, with responsibility for overseeing all civil construction and electrical engineering contractors, the coordination between the civil contractor and the supplier of the heavy fuel oil engines, and for the overall installation, site testing and acceptance of the power plant.

Don holds a BSME degree from Union College and is a graduate of the General Electric TCLA and Developing Manufacturing programs. Don and his wife, Trudi, are ordinarily resident in New Port Richey, Florida, USA.