Hector S. Bourgeois, BSc. Mechanical Engineering – Senior Consultant Project Engineer

Hector is the President of Fern Engineering, Inc., Pocasset, Massachusetts, USA. Hector has extensive experience in the design, analysis, procurement and development of high speed, high temperature turbo-machinery. He has been responsible for the design of air-cooled turbine nozzles, blades, abradable shrouds, casings, gearboxes, shafting, piping and ducting. Hector has performed and supervised stress, high cycle, low cycle fatigue and creep analyses of turbo-machinery hardware using classical analysis and sophisticated 2D and 3D computer analysis methods. He is experienced with development and vibration testing, trouble-shooting, failure analysis and modification of turbine hardware.

Hector holds a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University and has participated in a number of advanced courses in mathematics, thermal stress and rotor dynamics.