Simon K. Chen, BSc. and MSc. Mechanical Engineering, MBA, Ph.D. – Senior Advisor

Extensive and distinguished 50-year career in research, design and development and manufacture of diesel, heavy fuel, dual fuel and gas-spark engines. Served as President of Beloit Power Systems, Inc., and Vice President – Engineering and Applications, Colt Industries, Inc. Employed at International Harvester in a number of capacities, over a period of more than 19 years, variously as: Project Engineer in charge of the Combustion Research Division; Chief Project Research Engineer, Corporate Engine Research Division; and, Chief Engineer, Engine Research and Development. During this period he conducted extensive research on advanced engines, power train concepts, vehicle analysis, and engine combustion, and was involved in corporate product planning.

Illustrious career as an academic, and as a Technical Consultant and Product Developer: Associate Director, National Science Foundation Industrial/University Cooperative Research Center, University of Michigan; Member of the Board of Directors, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 1985, 1986, and 1987; Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, since 1984; Deputy Project Director, World Bank Economic Development Program, for the restructuring of the Tianjin Industrial Development Commission, Tianjin, China, 1992; Independent Consultant on the US Navy Design Assessment and Engine Certification Program, under contract with Advanced Marine Enterprises, Inc., 1993, to present; Member of the Independent Panel on Engine Evaluation for the Office of Chief Engineer, US Navy Sea Systems Command, 1985 and 1986; Senior Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, 1980 to 1985; Visiting Advisor, Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corp., Korea, 1980 to 1982; Technical Advisor to a number of industries in Yugoslavia, which resulted in technology transfers; development of laser cutting technology; and counter trade; Consultant to International Finance Corporation (World Bank), performing an automotive components production and quality upgrading feasibility study in India, 1991.

Some of his private sector consulting clients include: US Nuclear utilities; Long Island Lighting Co.; Duke Power; Detroit Edison; and, Southern California Edison. Acted as Diesel Consultant and/or expert witness for: Lockheed Shipyard; Uljanik Shipyard, Yugoslavia; Inda Prvomajska, Yugoslavia; British Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute (BICERI); Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan; Korean, Small and Medium Industries Promotion Bureau; and, Servojet Partnership – for the development of an advanced electronic injection system for advanced low-pollution diesel engines.

Member of a number of Technical Societies, including: SAE, ASME, SNAME, EGSA, SME, and CIE. Cited in ‘Who’s Who (World Edition)’, and ‘Who’s Who (Finance and Industry). His awards and honors include: Engineer of Distinction, by the Engineers Joint Council, 1973; University of Wisconsin Alumni Distinguished Service Award, 1976; Director and Technical Chairman, DEMA, 1971 to 1973; CAGI member, 1973 to 1979; SAE Fellow, 1983; and, SAE Director, 1985 to 1987. Recipient of the SAE Colwell Merit Award in 1966 and 1987. Frequent guest speaker, and publisher of a significant number of Technical Papers.