The world market for Electrifying Solutions is sizeable, vast and divided into two major categories:

  • MACRO = Large scale regional, pan-national, national and electrical grid
    centric civil projects.
  • · Large government, private and public-private partnership utilities
  • MICRO = Small scale captive, special purpose, residential, commercial,
    industrial private or public-private sponsored aggregated end user utility.

IPG Innovative Power focused only on the global “MICRO-Market” opportunities to offer and deliver Electrifying Solutions.

IPG has determined that in one of our Innovation2 Power market sectors of Special Purpose Captive Power, the world market for power generating equipment is estimated to be $60 billion per year. The combined sector – which includes plant operation, management of output, and plant year. Warstila NSD Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of reciprocating engines for the power industry, recently noted that the total engine driven power generation market was 37,700 MW, counting both reciprocating engines and gas turbines. Importantly, in the market broadly targeted by IPG – captive power plant with an output of 1-30 MW – Warstila states “growth in this output range will be 10% annually, as individual engine and plant sizes are decreasing and the trend towards distributed, or decentralized, power production seems to be clear.” IPG thus operates in a dynamic segment of a traditional but very large business. This is underlined by major trends in relevant market areas.

While renewable technology electrification market today only represents a micro of a nano percentage of use, it has the greatest growth expectation equally through 2030.

IPG Innovative Power encourages you to find out more for the “Power2 Know” about the electrifying market size, scope, scale, future and statistical metrics.

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