Philip Levine, P.E., BSc. Mechanical Engineering, MSc. Aeronautical Engineering, ASME – Senior Consultant Project Engineer

Philip is a Vice President of and the Manager, Aerodynamics and Thermal Systems, for Fern Engineering, Inc. He has extensive expertise in the disciplines of cycle analysis and design of gas turbine systems, combined cycles and co-generation systems. In addition, his experience extends to support of heat exchanger design for recuperation and heat recovery, and the provision of testing services for gas turbine performance and maintenance. Philip has provided development and customised software for gas turbine and power plant performance evaluation, diagnostics and integrated health monitoring systems.

Philip managed the development of the EMAP software for gas turbine combined cycles for EPRI, and the PEGASYS software for gas turbines in pipeline gas compression service for GRI. He modelled and verified performance on large GE and WE combined cycle units at Florida Power & Light and HL&P. Philip was involved in gas turbine selection for combined cycle plants for PLM/Wallingford, Green Mountain Power Corp., PLM/Boylston and PLM/Danvers.

Philip has published a number of Technical Papers, holds a BSc. (Mechanical Engineering) degree from the University of Connecticut and a MSc. (Aeronautical Engineering) degree from Ohio State University, and has conducted post-graduate studies at the University of Virginia, George Washington University and MIT. He is a member of the ASME Controls and Diagnostics Committee, a Registered Professional Engineer, Honors-Tau Beta Pi, is the recipient of the ASME National Undergraduate Award, and is a scientist at WADC/WPAFB for axial compressor research and at the United States Space Agency (NASA), Langley for unsteady flow research.