Macina. Sergio J, MBA – Director

Graduate of the University of Basel, Switzerland. He holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration and a Swiss law qualification. Served most of his professional working life in Swiss private and international investment banking as well as corporate finance for industrial companies. After executive positions in Swiss private banking and in a publicly quoted Swiss asset management company, joined Swiss Bank Corporation where he was responsible for capital market operations in North America and a number of other territories, as well as for supra-nationals. In 1989, after 13 years at Swiss Bank Corporation, at the invitation of F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd the Swiss pharmaceutical company, joined F. Hoffman-La Roche as head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Capital, and Strategic Alliances. In 1998, started his own investment banking business as Managing Director of MCG Managing & Consulting Group, Basel, Switzerland. In this function, acts as a consultant and partner to a number of corporate clients. He has been the Consul of the Republic of San Marino in Switzerland since 1981. Sergio resides in Basel, Switzerland.