John Blowes – Senior Consulting Engineer Associate

A Consulting Engineer and Project Manager, providing a wide range of specialist services to owners, operators and maintainers of diesel power stations, operating on a variety of fuels, in the UK and overseas. His work has involved extensive travel to the far and Middle East, South America and Africa.

Starting in 1966 as designer draftsman with Mirrlees Diesels, John worked his way up to Assistant Chief Engineer, Commissioning Manager and Project Manager (Special Projects). A specialist in Ruston, English Electric, Caterpillar, Jenbacher, Deutz, and Mirrlees Blackstone engines, burning a variety of fuels.

Work includes feasibility study for industrial and occasionally marine power projects, contract/project management with a significant portion of operation and maintenance support. Expert reports are often commissioned to assist commercial settlements. Projects have ranged from construction and commissioning of several power stations that are standby to Nuclear, to rehabilitation and technical and management support worldwide. John was Project Manager for rehabilitation of power at Tanesco power stations in Tanzania from 1987 to 1990 under World Bank funding arrangements.

Expertise in protection of the funding investment, on-site training, technical and management support, and plant condition monitoring. Worked closely with various government departments to develop renewable energy expertise in the UK and to support power projects in developing countries. John is a project manager for the British Government department DFID, a Director of Institution Associates Ltd. – a Helpline support company, for developing countries, and immediate and past President of the Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers.