IPG-Innovative Power’s constant research, analysis and access to information provides a platform to dissect, understand and appreciate the marketplace.

IPG can, will and does build on its unique entrepreneurial knowledge base, market trends and opportunities in the micro power segment;

  • Overall worldwide growth in the demand for micro-power.
  • General trend toward the liberalization of the electricity markets world wide.
  • Expanding need for captive power plan at all levels of built facilities and industry.
  • An existing base of customers and more than 14 projects already under various stages of negotiation.
  • Major multinational customers (provides the opportunity for multiple power plant installations)
  • Global reach, experience and diversity of MICRO-power products, alliances, partners and competencies.
  • Availability to the Company of the required expanded power sector know-how and technical expertise.
  • In-house marketing, project management and general management knowledge and capability.
  • Ability to develop additional projects and markets at a minimum cost, via the Company’s alliances, partners and joint ventures.