Pyramid2 Innovation Energy Sources

IPG does not believe that we have to be “rocket scientists”, energy engineers, electric utility executives or even educated elite to understand, or witness or become engaged in the importance to save our environment while underwriting human progress, development and productivity.

A simple review of our Pyramid2 Innovation illustrates the electrifying FACTS.

Carbon fossil fuel sources while accessible, relatively cheap and widely used today are exhaustable, diminishing and contribute to our environmental threat.

Natural solar, wind, geothermal, bio mass and even nuclear are renewable, sustainable, almost inexhaustible and provide almost no threat to our earthly habitat when designed and applied properly.

IPG Innovation2 Power ever mindful of the Pyramid2 will always apply a renewable, sustainable logic first and foremost in its electrifying solutions.

Further importance dictates with the continued installation, use, application and conversion to longer lasting solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, we extend the life and availability of fast depleting carbon based fossil sources of power.

Where investment cost, limiting geographic and carbon fossil accessibility prevail, IPG will apply a reasoned hybrid technology mix to yield the appropriate electrifying solution based on the following reality:

It was estimated by the Energy Information Administration1 that in 2007 primary sources of energy consisted of petroleum 36.0%, coal 27.4%, natural gas 23.0%, amounting to an 86.4% share for fossil fuels in primary energy consumption in the world. Non-fossil sources in 2006 included hydroelectric 6.3%, nuclear 8.5%, and (geothermal, solar, tide, wind, wood, waste) amounting 0.9 percent. World energy consumption is growing about 12.8% per year.

The Innovation2 Power is obvious beyond reason…….solar, wind, and other non-carbon emitting renewable energy is the future of human advancement on Planet Earth.

1. US Department of Energy