The world market demand and appetite for energy, power and electricity is expanding at new and greater levels than at any other time in history, including the industrial age. The world electricity demand is projected to increase by 77% from 18.0 trillion kilowatt hours in 2006 to 23.2. trillion kilowatt hours in 2015 to 31.8 trillion kilowatt hours in 2030.

The market for Innovation2 kilowatts is driven by two primary and unrelenting forces.

  • The continued use, demand and electronic technological consumption
    of and requirement for RE-WIRING the major developed industrialized
  • The new, emerging and requirement to provide electricity to the growing,
    expanding and large population countries and societies of the emerging
    new industry and developing world.

IPG has researched, analyzed and is committed to “Build a Bridge” between and serving, the market demand of both market forces through the Innovation2 Power… the supply to provide electrifying products, services, projects and renewable power solutions across both ”Have and Need to Have” worlds.